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Unable to create DataMart cluster


Unable to create DataMart cluster



Recently i was trying to create DataHub clusters in my CDP account. I was able to create Data Engineering, Real time Data Mart and operation Database clusters but while I was trying to create Data Mart cluster, i was getting error.

Following is the cluster creation events:

  • Cluster template install failed: [Command [CreateImpalaUserDir], with id [1546333216] failed: Failed to create HDFS directory.]
    3/16/2020, 12:22:33 PM
  • Building cluster; Cluster manager ip:
    3/16/2020, 12:15:05 PM
  • Starting cluster services
    3/16/2020, 12:10:26 PM
  • Setting up infrastructure metadata
    3/16/2020, 12:08:36 PM
  • Bootstrapping infrastructure cluster
    3/16/2020, 12:08:22 PM
  • Registering proxy configuration with Cluster Proxy
    3/16/2020, 12:08:21 PM
  • Infrastructure successfully provisioned
    3/16/2020, 12:08:21 PM
  • Infrastructure metadata collection finished
    3/16/2020, 12:08:14 PM
  • Infrastructure creation took 90 seconds
    3/16/2020, 12:08:11 PM
  • Creating infrastructure
    3/16/2020, 12:06:41 PM
  • Setting up CDP image
    3/16/2020, 12:06:40 PM



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