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Unable to download the virtual box image of the sandbox HGP 2.6.1 to MacBook.

New Contributor

When I click on the box with "virtual box" letters on it, there is a panel on the right hand side shows up, entitled "Register your sandbox". I check all 3 squares and press on "Submit". The letters in the box, turn from "Submit" to "Processing" and that's it: no action, no download, no message - nothing! Could someone tell me what to expect when I press "Submit"?? Naturally, I was expecting the file downloading to my local directory, but after 3-4 tries, I gave up. I have VB installed on my MacBook Pro, and also tried to download the sandbox to MacMini, but with the same negative result, please help!



Hi @Rashid Mehdi

I just tried it now to my Mac laptop, and the file download does indeed start. After submitting the registration form, I wait maybe 1-2 sec and then I am asked where to save the file. I am using Chrome and not Safari if that helps.

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Hi Sonu, Hmm, I did try Chrome and Firefox to the same effect. Well, it is strange - I typically do not have problems with downloading, not sure I understand what's going on. Thanks for your test, though: it tells me that, probably, I have some block on my home network, but not sure why it's selective to, in particular.

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@Rashid Mehdi

Please make sure that the Popup blocker in the browser is Disabled. As the Sandbox Download will attempt to show you a popup.

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