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Unable to establish connection between 2 clusters (different HDP versions, both non-kerberized)

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We are trying to set up connection between our local HDP 2.5.6 cluster (datalab) and an external HDP 2.6.5 cluster (juggernaut). The idea is that we want to run spark (scala) jobs on yarn mode and it will call juggernaut cluster as data source.

We have set up all possible connections but even simple "hdfs dfs -ls" command from datalab to juggernaut is giving out Connection reset by peer error. I have attached debug log when I ran ls command from datalab to juggernaut.


Both datalab and juggernaut are able to ping each other, telnet ok. We have also added all juggernaut nodes to /etc/hosts on datalab. We have also observed that we are able to run "hdfs dfs -ls" command from juggernaut to datalab. In summary:

HDP 2.5.6 (datalab) --> HDP 2.6.5 (juggernaut) = NOT OK

HDP 2.6.5 (juggernaut) --> HDP 2.5.6 (datalab) = OK

Has anyone experienced something similar to this setup ang getting this issue?


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is both clusters, datalab and juggernaut in azure?

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hi @aengineer, azure agent is only on the juggernaut cluster (see below):


is there going to be an issue with having azure storage account on juggernaut?