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Unable to load the data in Apache atals UI


capture.pngHi Team,

I done POST command with new Types , Successfully executed that commands

By using GET rest API call i am able to get the data

But same data is not loading in Atlas UI

Please help me on this...!!!


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@Satya Nittala

Can you send the result of GET REST API call ?

Also, while you are on the page , do you see any exception in console tab of browser ?


Thanks for response @Sharmadha Sainath

Input :

curl -v -u admin:admin -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X GET 'http://localhost:21000/api/atlas/v2/entity/guid/a4995e42-82bd-4802-8f09-8b7422ae7194' ;


{"referredEntities":{},"entity":{"typeName":"mssql_table4","attributes":{"owner":"Test","applicationDesc":"Data Analytics","qualifiedName":"Test","columns":[{"guid":"19446e07-0ace-4548-ae9e-14b4cd93fcac","typeName":"hive_column"},{"guid":"19446e07-0ace-4548-ae9e-14b4cd93fcac","typeName":"hive_column"}],"dataSetName":"Datast_dtl","rulesUsedToJoinInputFiles":"Primary Key","description":"DATE_TIME_TEST is the test table in im_db Database","sd":{"guid":"107f0180-3e3d-48ce-a0c3-d168606e3126","typeName":"mssql_db1"},"dataSetLocation":"This is the main Target table","dataSetType":"Peas_rr datast_dtl","extractionCriteria":"Normal","name":"DATE_TIME_TEST","transactionrules":"Joining","applicationName":"EBIA"},"guid":"a4995e42-82bd-4802-8f09-8b7422ae7194","status":"ACTIVE","createdBy":"admin","updatedBy":"admin","createTime":1540281586628,"updateTime":1540281586628,"version":0,"classifications":[]}}

& and not seeing any exception in console tab of browser

Please help on this ..!!!

Thanks in advance

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@Satya Nittala

Sorry to not have asked this in the previous comment. Could you also please send the type definition of following types?



I will try to create the types/entity in my instance and reproduce the issue you are facing.

What is the version of Atlas or HDP ?


Thanks @Sharmadha Sainath

Please find the attachments for mssql_table , mssql_db , mssql_column

mssql_table4 , & mssql_db1 same as mssql_table , mssql_db

Atlas Version is



@Sharmadha Sainath

Please find the entity code for new types , This code executed well , But in Atlas UI , it was loading

Could you please help on this ?entity-code.txt