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Unable to locate package hdp-select


Unable to locate package hdp-select

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I am trying to setup a cluster of with three machines. My OS is ubuntu16.04 and I am using Ambari

I setup a local repository with no internet access with HDP-3.1 on my Ambari-Server machine, by enabling an apache server and then copying the tarball files:

HDP from


HDP-GPL from

Into my /var/www directory and then unziped them by

tar -zxvf <file_name.tar.gz>

From each node I am able to connect to to this repository-server (which runs on the Ambari-Server machine) by using the following addresses:

The problem is that during the installation I have Error massages saying:

RuntimeError: Failed to execute command '/usr/bin/apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::=--force-confdef --allow-unauthenticated --assume-yes install hdp-select', exited with code '100', message: 'E: Unable to locate package hdp-select'

It seems like the Ambari-Agents are not able to access to this "hdp-select" package during the install.

I am attaching some screen shoots of what I can see from an internet browser while accessing these links.




Any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance!


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