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Unable to point browser to HDP 2.5 Sandbox

Unable to point browser to HDP 2.5 Sandbox

New Contributor


I installed HDP 2.5 Sandbox and HDP 3.0 Sandbox on my system.

I am trying to point my browser to HDP 2.5 Sandbox but am getting an error page. It was working fine until I installed HDP 3.0. The page loads fine when pointed to 3.0 instance when brought up but not to the 2.5 instance.

Now even after I removed 3.0 I cannot get 2.5 to work fine. I am able to login to the virtual box but unable to do SSH or use the browser to open Ambari or use Web based Shell. Kindly help out. Seems like some network configuration is the problem here. Or probably the 2.5 is not able to start the services at the IP and port number and port 8888

I am using Oracle VirtualBox 6.0