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Unable to register AWS host to Ambari server- "Host checks were skipped on 1 hosts that failed to register"

New Contributor

While registering a host to the cluster of Ambari-server, I am getting the following error. "Host checks were skipped on 1 hosts that failed to register." I am trying to install HDP 2.5 version on the instance of AWS. I have tried to follow the documentation of Hortonworks. I have added public ip address and public hostname to /etc/hosts file and change the name of host in /etc/hostname file on the server and on the host. Rebooted both, hostname got changed. Then I have stop iptables by sudo service iptables stop After doing everything, the host registration is still failing. Kindly help. I am stuck.


@Debashrita Sarkar What is the actual error you see in the host registration log in Ambari UI ?

New Contributor

"Host checks were skipped on 1 hosts that failed to register"


@Debashrita Sarkar

You should use the Public DNS as the Private DNS is used for AWS datacenter communication. The Public DNS and associated IP should be in your local /etc/hosts file.

Additionally, in your AWS security group ensure all the cluster hosts have restricted access ONLY for your My IP see attached screenshot to avoid port mapping while doing the installation. The Security group is like a firewall you can harden it after successfully installing the cluster.

Can you click on the details of the failed component it should give you more info? I have seen many cases where users ignore the obvious steps like preparing and meeting the minimum system requirements for a cluster



@Debashrita Sarkar

Can you check Ambari-agent logs to see if there were any errors when It is communicating with ambari-server? also you can check at ambari-server side to if it is receiving any heartbeat/registration requests with below API call.