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Unable to scroll time in charts


Unable to scroll time in charts

New Contributor

Hi, I'm helping a client running Cloudera Enterprise 5.8.2 and I'm seeing multiple odd issues that I'm not sure how to address.


One is that when I look any of the metrics charts, I am unable to use the scroll arrows to go back in time.  (See picture below)

 Screencap of HDFS IO chart


There is clearly data there, because if I change the time window from 30 minutes to up to 30d, there is data being charted.  But for some reason that arrow doesn't work.  I have verified this using Firefox 52, Chrome, and IE 11.


Has anyone run into this before?  


Re: Unable to scroll time in charts

Try a different chart. You will notice that the four main charts on the Cluster home page do not have a back arrow on the timeline when on the cluster home page. I confirmed this on my CDH 5.8.5 and it has always been that way as far as I can recall. I quickly check one of the premade HDFs charts for that service and can use the back button in the chart without any issues.

Re: Unable to scroll time in charts

Cloudera Employee

Yes, we acknowledge that this is a limitation in CM's home page.


The main reason is that CM's home page doesn't support getting service status other than the most recent value.

Therefore, the charts on the home page also cannot go back in time for consistency reasons.

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