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Unable to see Ambari GUI in browser, installed ambari server on Azure

1. Installed Azure CLI on a local Linux server

2. Created a resource group in Azure CLI

3. Created 3 VM's with the following command in Azure CLI, made the IP's static from GUI.

az vm create --resource-group testresourcegroup \

--name testVM1 \

--image RHEL \

--generate-ssh-keys \


3. Installed Ambari server on one node and Ambari Agents on all 3 nodes using the ambari-boot strap script

4. Tried to pull ambari in a browser and I am getting "This site can’t be reached".

I did use public IP address only.

Can any one suggest what am I missing here?

Please let me know if you need anything else and Thank you in advance.


@Lakhman Pervatoju

While I don't know the answer to your original question, may I ask why are you doing this by hand instead of using Hortonworks Cloudbreak? It's sole purpose is to streamline Ambari and cluster creation in Azure as well as other providers.

You can read more on how-to use it with Azure here.

Hope this helps!

we are trying to automate the whole process using scripts, so doing it from command line (Azure CLI)

If that is the only reason, then I would recommend trying out the Cloudbreak CLI.

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