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Unable to set classpath with custom parcels control script


Unable to set classpath with custom parcels control script



I have a custom parcel that I have distributed and activated in my Data Engineering DATAHUB cluster. With this parcel i am trying to load some jars that i need on every node and also export some classpaths that is needed. So w.r.t exporting I am trying to add some hive related classpath using the control script of my custom parcel in which I export some Environment variables. In parcel.json of my custom parcel I provide a tag [hive-plugin]. Now as we now, my control script will only be sourced when agent finds out that some other service parcel has also specified the [hive-pluging] tag in their csd. Now this intention of using the hive-plugin in my custom parcel was to ensure the classpath required by my custom service are exported and there is no need for some manual task to be done. This is working very well on the on-prem CDH 5.x and 6.x clusters beacuse when i check the proc.json of hive service for the on prem clusters, I find the [hive-plugin] mentioned in optional tags section, but the same is not the case with CDP DataHub DataEngineering 7.0.2 cluster. The optional tag is missing in Data Engineering clusters, hive proc.json file.
I know I can use other ways to set additional configurations in Data Hub cluster like using the Advanced -> Cluster Extensions -> Custom Properties option but I am curious to know why such change was made with the hive service .i.e the removal of the hive-plugin optional tag.