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Unable to set time range in getmongo processor in nifi



I have the below query:


$gte: ISODate("2018-11-10T10:42:00.875"),

$lte: ISODate("2018-11-19T13:42:30.875")


This works fine from the mongo shell, but in case I try to run the same from the getMongo processor, its not fetching any data. below is the query field data:

{"header.timestamp": { "$gte": "2018-11-10T10:42:00.875", "$lte": "2018-11-19T13:42:30.875" }}

Any suggestion on what could I be doing wrong?

Also ideally I want something like this:

{"header.timestamp": "$gte":"${http.param.startTimeStamp}.toDate(\"yyyy/MM/ddTHH:mm:ss\",\"GMT\")", "$lte":"${http.param.endTimeStamp}.toDate(\"yyyy/MM/ddTHH:mm:ss\",\"GMT\")" }