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Unable to setup LDAP on Hortonworks 3.0.1

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Hi Team,

I am trying to setup LDAP on Hive 3x. I am using Ambari sandbox 3.0.1. All my services are up and running except HiveServer2. Which is failing with error - " Will retry 6 time(s), caught exception: ZooKeeper node /hiveserver2 is not ready yet. Sleeping for 10 sec(s)" . Please help me to resolve this so that i can setup Hive3x on LDAP. I have attached zookeeper and Hiveserver2 screen shots.zookeeper1.pngzookeeper2.pnghiveserver2.png


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@Rahul Khandelwal

You are not able to start HiveServer2 because it should be able to connect with Hive Metastore.

Hence please chekc if the HiveMetastore process started successfully or not and if the port "9083" is opened by Mive Metastore process and is accessible.

# netstat -tnlpa | grep `cat /var/run/hive/hive`

Also please chekc the Hive Metastore log to see if it shows any error.


So please check the Hive Metastore log to find out why it is not running successfully. You must see some errors in Hive Metastore logs which will reveal the cause of why the "/hiveserver2" znode is not bound.