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Unable to start Hortonworks Docker Sandbox HDP

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I'm not able to start Hortonworks Sandbox.

Log shows these error messages:



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@Antonio Akiyama

Hello, it looks like there is an issue with the network boot-up so that means the only way to debug is via single user mode. Can I suggest using one of our pre-built sandbox virtual machines? ( vmware/virtualbox ) We setup the environment for docker to run smoothly inside of them.

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What do you mean your pre-built sandbox virtual machine? can you provide a link to it? Thanks.

Hiya @Lei Feng

@glupu is referring to the VirtualBox and VMWare versions of the Sandbox, found on the Hortonworks downloads page:


@Antonio Akiyama

Have you gone through the official resource documentation it covers all the challenges so far met by members iând it's well documented.

It has specific steps for

  • Docker
  • Virtualbox
  • VMWare

Please go through them first