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Unauthorized error (401) while making a REST call to get stack/repository version details - Azure HDI(HDP cluster)

New Contributor

Hi @jsensharma

I'm using Azure HDInsight cluster(which uses HDP binaries internally).

I have a use-case where I need to make a REST API for getting the stack/repository version details from Ambari.


If I hit the above endpoint URL with admin as username which is cluster admin. I'm able to get the expected response(200).

But with Azure AD users , It throws 401(unauthorized) error. If I hit with https://clustername/api/v1/cluster/.

I'm able to get response. It fails for http://

Any suggestions on why this REST call fails with AD users?


Super Mentor

@Arunjunai Sathis

Please make sure that you have Synced the AD users to Ambari DB? As mentioned in the following link:

# ambari-server sync-ldap [option]


Also please check the Role which you have assigned to the AD user if that user roles is allowed to make API calls.


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