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Unknown queue: hive Error while starting LLAP after YARN scheduler change


Hi, I am trying to add extra queues names etl and agg to my already existing defalut and llap queues in Yarn. I have attached both the configurations. The older Scheduler configuration works fine and I am able to use LLAP. But with the 2 extra queues, I get the error:

2017-07-13 12:08:02,548 [main] ERROR main.ServiceLauncher - Exception: Failed to submit application_1499959469167_0009 to YARN : Application application_1499959469167_0009 submitted by user hive to unknown queue: hive

That means, the job is not even being submitted. And no, there is no queue called Hive I ever created.

Someone please help. Thanks in advance!


@Sree Kupp

Check the value set for property which might be set to "hive".

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