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Unusual problem with permissions


Unusual problem with permissions

New Contributor

I have an unusual permission denied error when running


[zeppelin@somehostname ~]$ hadoop fs -ls /data/crm


ls: Permission denied: user=zeppelin, access=READ_EXECUTE, inode="/data/crm":hdfs:zeppelin:drwxrwx---


As you can see my user (and that is OS user) is zeppelin and diurectory has group zeppelin and permission on directory are rwx but still I cannot list the directory.


To clarify I created the user zeppelin on Master node only. Has it to do with it maybe ?


What am I doing wrong?


Re: Unusual problem with permissions

Master Guru
A user may not necessarily be part of an eponymous group. It's not right to
assume so without checking first.

What is the output of the below command? That is the right way to check on

~> hdfs groups zeppelin