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UpdateRecord won't update string array


I have this entry in my schema:


            "name": "a_string_array",
            "type": {
                "type": "array",
                "items": "string"



And I have added a property to UpdateRecord:


Property             Value
/a_string_array      "a string value"



I expected the output JSON to look something like this:


   "a_string_array": ["a string value"]



But I get the following error:


Cannot convert value ["a string value"] of type class java.lang.String to Object Array for field a_string_array



I've tried making the Property name  "/a_string_array[*]" and "/a_string_array[0]", neither of which throw errors but the output is null.  I've also tried putting brackets around the Value but that doesn't work either.


UpdateRecord is a much cleaner solution than writing a whole ExecuteScript, I'd much rather use it if I can, but I'm just not understanding how this is supposed to work for arrays.  Help appreciated!