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Upgrade Ambari to 2.7.5


Upgrade Ambari to 2.7.5

New Contributor

Good morning,

I couldn't find the right place to ask this question. I hope you will be able to answer me.
We installed the HDP + HDF test cluster using Ambari version 2.7.3.
All free, without any paid license, as it was in hortonworks.


Now, we want to upgrade this test cluster to version 2.7.5.

I can see that the repo of version 2.7.5 is moved to and to download it, I need a username and password:

I found this information:
"Starting with the HDP 3.1.5 release, access to HDP repositories requires authentication. To access the binaries, you must first have the required authentication credentials (username and password).
Authentication credentials for new customers and partners are provided in an email sent from Cloudera to registered support contacts. Existing users can file a non-technical case within the support portal ( to obtain credentials.
Previously, HDP repositories were located on AWS S3. As of HDP 3.1.5 / Ambari 2.7.5, repositories have been moved to
When you obtain your authentication credentials, use them to form the URL where you can access the HDP repository in the HDP archive, as shown below. Insert your username and password at the front of the URL. "


According to this, I registered on the website: after registration I did not receive any e-mail with access data to

My question is: can we upgrade our test cluster to version 2.7.5 for free?
If so, can I ask for information, where can I get the necessary credentials to download packages from


Thank you very much for help.


Best regards,


Re: Upgrade Ambari to 2.7.5

Community Manager


For the best information around licensing, I'll refer you to the Cloudera Licensing Policy FAQs page. If you still have questions I suggest using the contact us page of to connect with sales for further.  

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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