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Upgrade from HDP 2.3.6 to HDP fails






Hi All,

I have upgraded the Ambari from 2.1 to 2.4. Now when i have followed the steps to upgrade the HDP from 2.3 to 2.5(link: Cant successfully upgrade to HDP2.5.3. I have attached the issues as screen shot. Please help me out.



If you select the host in the UI, and click the Versions tab, does it show that the package is installed? Try re-installing the version and see if the command succeeds.

@Nate still it fails... tried multiple re-installing... failing with the same issue


Is there an installation error? Can you provide the output from the installation command? The screenshots you provide are only for upgrading, not installation.

@kotesh banoth

you have a few issues here, first you need to make sure your cluster is HA enabled for HDFS and optionally for YARN. The second issue is that some of the nodes don't have HDP 2.5.3 bits installed yet. I would enable HA, then follow through with installing bits on every node and only then attempt an upgrade. Please read the upgrade guide to plan for it.

@Artem Ervits i am trying this upgrade in single node. Is it possible for HA enable in single node?. Is this is the reason for failure of HDP 2.5 upgrade.


You can't enable HA in single node. You should probably be able to upgrade using Express upgrade as it requires all services to stop. You can't use Rolling Upgrade in your situation. Make sure you go through the steps of registering the 2.5.3 stack, installing new bits then proceed to upgrade via Express.