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Upgrade to 5.4.5 fails on starting Kafka

Upgrade to 5.4.5 fails on starting Kafka

New Contributor

I just performed the upgrade from 5.4.4 to 5.4.5 using the Cloudera manager & found following problem. In my cluster I have Kafka installed together with other services.

The upgrade process correctly installed all parcels, but when it attempted to start services, it failed to start Kafka. So upgrade process stuck in the middle, and I was need to stop it, and attempted to start cluster manually. All components (HDFS, HBase, YARN, ...) were started, only Kafka failed.


After some investigation I found that Kafka required that value of the replica.fetch.max.bytes should be in the range (5000000,2*2^10), while i hade 1Mb configured (I think that it was default value). After setting of this parameter to 5Mb, Kafka service had started without errors.


It would be nice to have check, or automatic adjustion of this value.