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Upgrading Kernel in Cloudbreak Cluster

New Contributor

Would that be a better idea to perform kernel upgrade with the help of Recipe. Kernal upgrade requires restart.


@Shashwat Tripathi

Are you asking about upgrading the kernel for nodes of a cluster that has already been deployed? Cloudbreak recipes are run during cluster deployment; they don't come into play after the cluster has been deployed.

If you are asking about doing a kernel during cluster deployment with a recipe, I believe it is technically possible. You probably want to do that as a post installation recipe. However, I advise caution in doing something like this. You might be better served using something like Ansible to manage patch deployment outside of Cloudbreak. Just my two cents.

Expert Contributor

@Shashwat Tripathi

I also think that if you would like to upgrade kernel after installation then it is better to use Ansible or even SaltStack which is available by default:

If you wish to use your own OS with own kernel you can take look at the custom images feature: