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Upload and Index files on Solr with Nifi

Upload and Index files on Solr with Nifi

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I have nifi 11.4 and solr 7.4. I wanted to create a pipelines where nifi reads files from a folder and indexes them on solr using tika ( .html). if I try to index a pdf file through the command line everything works but if I try to do the same thing with nifi I get the following error:

error adding field 'stream size' = 'null' msg = for input string null

the nifi flow is as follows

  • GetFile
  • PutSolrContentStream
    • solr Type: cloud
    • solr Location: zookeeper-url/solr
    • collection: Name of collection
    • Content Stream Path: /update/extract
    • Content Type: application/octet-stream

where am i wrong?

thanks for support