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Use Regex for extract content each column in txt Files



I want to extract the content of txt files and put it into postgres Dataase ans salesforce, i am using this firts step: GetFile--SplitText--ExtractText  but i have some problems with the regular expression

Please i am a new worker with nifi, i have some questions:

i split the file into lines and secondly I use the extractText processor to retrieve each information from a line in a variable using regex but it doesn't work. please, what would be my mistake, what to do? below is the global regex which allows to retrieve the total content of the information that interests me. And a line from the file I'm processing

my global Regex:



One Example line in the my  txt files:

ABCETBGENM2002AIX EN PROVENCE MR J.NOOL WEIK 3AIX EN PROVENCE 3021080014852ZAC GUSTAVE EIFFEL RUE DES FRERES PERRET 13854 AIX EN PROVENCE CEDEX 03 04 42 39 64 2004 42 39 64 34 000000000 1445 00000000T2