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Use of Add "New Application" in Streaming Applications Manager - SAM in Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF-3), gives ERROR - Cannot read property "topologyComponentUISpecification" of undefined !!


When I click on NEW APPLICATION option under "My Application" in S.A.M, to add/create a NEW application, SAM displays the ERROR - "Cannot read property 'TopologyComponentUISpecification' of undefined" !!!


(a) I have previously created - a valid SERVICE POOL and ENVIRONMENT in SAM, successfully, for use by the 'New Application' builder.

(b) How can I resolve the above ERROR, to continue to ADD a NEW APPLICATION (using the 'New Application' function) in SAM ??


@Leonard Edwin can you make sure you ran /usr/hdf/current/streamline/bootstrap/ . Make sure the server is up and running.


Hi Shriharsha, thanks for the advice to run the '' script ... It resolved the issue and I was able to add/create the application.

However, when I dragged a KAFKA source tile component unto the Application Builder canvas - and double clicked on it to configure/specify the mandatory argument 'KAFKA TOPIC*'; on selecting the correct topic from the dropdown list - the error 'SCHEMA NOT FOUND' was displayed by the application builder service.

How can I resolve this second error ??

Thank You 🙂


Hi Shriharsha, here is the screenshot (attached) for the second error, posted earlier:


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I have same problem (Cannot read property 'topologyComponentUISpecification' of undefined) How did you solve?


so the schema name and the topic name need to be same, thus it shows it in the drop down.

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