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Use the new process "TransformCSVToJson"

Hello, I have a problem with the new process nifi , i don't know how i can enter the schema. And i have this error message. And nifi have not yet provided documentation on this process.

(I'am a new users of nifi and i start in the programming) tcsvtojson.png


Super Guru

Processor documentation is a part of the processor code. If you build a version of NiFi that has this processor, you should see the documentation in the Help section of the "hamburger menu" in the top-right corner. If you have gotten the NAR from somewhere else, then you would have to consult the source code to see the documentation. Once this processor is accepted into the NiFi codebase and a subsequent version of Apache NiFi / HDF is released, the documentation will be available on the website as well as in a NiFi/HDF distribution.