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Using Hive MERGE with Hive 1.2 on HDP 2.6.5

New Contributor

Can the MERGE DML feature added to Hive 1.2 on HDP 2.6.5 be used on Production.

The following blog shows benchmarks that seem to be from Hive2 Interactive with LLAP

However I wanted to understand if the same feature could be used with Hive 1.2, of course under performance limitations that are there with Hive 1.2. I also wanted to hear about use cases where the same is being used on Production.


@Abhishek Gupta

Hive Merge is available from Hive 2.2 [Details]. Back port the feature to Hive 1.2.1 would be a challenge, since it includes many changes related to ACID, transactions etc.. You could use Hive Merge on Hive 2.1 without LLAP as well with hive.llap.execution.mode=none [Property details].

Hope this is helpful.

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Hi @Sindhu

I am not able to get Hive2 Interactive to start on HDP 2.6.5, I have provided the details about my setup and issues I am facing in this post

Also, I did try the MERGE feature on Hive 1.2 after reading the comments on this blog it did work on Hive 1.2

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