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Version Definition File (VDF) of HDF 3.1.0 for SLES12 O.S ?



Where can i get or download the Version Definition File (VDF) of HDF 3.1.0 for SLES12 O.S ?


My Goal is to upgrade the HDF version to 3.1.0 from 3..0.2.

Basically i have two separate clusters - HDP and HDF. Each clusters is managed by Ambari (one Ambari to manage HDF and another Ambari to manage HDP)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

In the Versions tab in Ambari of HDF cluster, i clicked on "Register version"

In the drop down > Select "Add Version"

I will get a popup to upload VDF file as show below:



VDF file for HDF 3.1. for SLES12 is not available in HDF 3.1 release notes

Appreciate help to get me the VDF file for HDF 3.1. for SLES12




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@chethan mh

Looks like your cluster has HDF over HDP cluster. Means you might have installed the HDF using MPack.

So if you want to upgrade your HDF from HDF 3.0 to HDF 3.1.0 then you will have to do the Mpack upgrade.

Please refer to the following doc:

Instructions for "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) v12 SP1" Mpack upgrade:

Ambari Server will need to be restarted after MPack Upgrade.


You can Download the HDF 3.1.0 MPack (for Suse 12) from the following link:



Hi @Jay Kumar SenSharma

Thanks for your reply and helping me !

Can you please have a look of below upgrade sequence and let me know your feedback:

I'm planning to implement in the following sequence:

1) Upgrade HDF Mpack using the command:

ambari-server upgrade-mpack --mpack=/root/hdf-ambari-mpack- --verbose

Restart ambari-server

2) Upgrade HDF to 3.1.0 from 3.0

Note: I will not be upgrading Ambari as of now since currently installed ambari version is 2.6.1 and it is compatible with HDF 3.1.0 as per matrix

3) Finally, i will upgrade Ambari in future if required to 2.7.3 from 2.6.1

Also, how can i verify the installed HDF Mpack version ?

Please help !



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