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Waiting on GoGrid?


Waiting on GoGrid?

New Contributor

I signed up at GoGrid for Cloudera Live 7 hours ago, but the cluster is still not ready / I've not received a second email.

GoGrid will not provide a rough estimate of when this might be resolved. Is there anything else I can do?


Re: Waiting on GoGrid?

New Contributor

Update: GoGrid recommended redeploying the Cloudera cluster (i.e. delete the old cluster, request a new one)


I've done this, but still haven't received a 2nd email (and trying to get this through gogrid support seems to be fruitless). Instead, I tried to log in to Cloudera Manager on the master server  which I've now done, although I had to reset the CM admin password to do so (an undocumented and not straightforward process).


I now have access to the cluster through ssh or Cloudera Manager, but have no idea where the tutorial is. Instead I'm trying to use Impala (which is what I ultimately want to achieve) with whatever help Google can provide, which is most frustrating. Is there a tutorial on this test cluster after all? If so, how do I access it?


Re: Waiting on GoGrid?

New Contributor


I think you should call GoGrid support. You may not get a second e-mail at all. 

It happened to me also. 


My experience with GoGrid so far from Monday (11/24) of this week. 

1) I also did not get a second e-mail (or any call) after signing up. So I called to find out.

GoGrid somehow thought that my request was some sort of robo signup. So they had disabled the account. 

I asked them to enable it. But they could not. The only alternative suggested to me was to create a completely new

account using a different e-mail id. GoGrid system did not let me use the prior e-mail id.

This was most frustrating and strange. 


2) So, I signed up using another e-mail id (my personal one, instead of the work one used in step (1) above.

This time also, I did not get any call and did not get second e-mail. So I called GoGrid again. The support engineer 

said the cluster is ready. Now, I am able to login to GoGrid portal. He told me to use putty and use ssh.

Now, I am able to use putty and get to 3 machines out of four. 


3) How do I access the CDH stuff? What is the link to tutorial? 


- Prashant


Re: Waiting on GoGrid?

New Contributor

Hi Prashant, thanks for your post, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I think I've pretty much given up on GoGrid - I'm going to set something up in AWS and work it out there.


If anyone from Cloudera is reading this - it seems the Cloudera Live tutorial / trial clusters on GoGrid are not working - or if they are, you need more information here about how to get them to work - it's certainly not a one-button deploy.

Re: Waiting on GoGrid?

Master Collaborator



Sorry for the trouble but thanks for letting us know about it. There was a glitch preventing emails from being sent that was fixed about 24 hours ago (I don't know exactly when the problem started). If you deployed more than 24 hours ago then the issue should now be fixed.


I see you already worked around missing the credentials that should be in the email, but if Cloudera Manager and Hue are set up correctly you can find the password for the 'admin' user in both services in /var/tmp/credentials.txt on the master node, and the master node hosts a "guidance page" on port 80 that includes links to these services, and the tutorial. The master node can be identified from the GoGrid portal even without the email because it will be named something similar to "cldra-master" whereas others will be "cldra-agent". So Ian, assuming everything other than the email worked, you should be able to hit port 80 on the same machine as Cloudera Manager and get your link to the tutorial. If that port isn't open, then it means there was a problem beyond just the email, and it's not a problem I'm aware of or have been able to reproduce. If that port isn't open, it also unfortunately means that the example data sets, etc. in the tutorial may not be set up correctly either...  Assuming they are, you can access the tutorial here:, but the link from your guidance page will embed parameters in its link to customize the tutorial to give you the *exact* commands you should use with the correct hostnames, IPs, etc. Otherwise there are placeholders to fill in yourself.


@Prashant - I'll respond on the other thread you posted in too, but it looks to me like your cluster failed for a reason other than the email glitch - otherwise one of the IPs you listed should have hosted the guidance page with the information you're looking for.


Re: Waiting on GoGrid?

New Contributor

Thanks Sean. I deployed a new cluster, and found the CM password in /var/tmp


However, the other problems remain. There's no 2nd email; no webpages are served on port 80 of the master node; and the following message of the day is still displayed on ssh login, several hours after deployment:


  !!               GoGrid is currently updating this server.               !!
  !!          Please do not modify this server while it is updating.       !!
  !!            You can check cluster status in the GoGrid Portal.         !!




Re: Waiting on GoGrid? [My GoGrid experience.. not good...] [Any other alternative?]

New Contributor



In my first attempt - I used my work e-mail ( to sign up. GoGrid deleted my account - thinking (for reasons know to GoGrid automation) that my request was from a robot.

So I had to create another request/account. The strange part was - I had to use another e-mail id & sign up again.  For some reasons, the same e-mail id can not be used. 

So, second time,  I used my personal email id ( And this time the cluster creation had issues. Services were not

setup correctly. Port 80 was not listening. 


Based on your feedback (Nov 27 post/email), I created a support ticket with GoGrid indicating that port 80 is not listening.

First response from GoGrid support was that I should correctly configure 'httpd' on the servers. 

I asked the support engineer to verify that the cluster is ready with all CDH services as mentioned on Cloudera Live site. The support

engineer then indicated that he has escalated the problem to Sr. Engineer. 

After a few days, I followed up with GoGrid support, and at that time I was told (to my surprise) that my cluster is deleted. The orchestration system detected a failure and deleted the cluster.  GoGrid support indicated that I should start all over again. 

After a few days automated message mentioned that my case will be closed. This was my second attempt to try Cloudera Live/GoGrid. 

During this, more than 15 days went. GoGrid sent me an e-mail, that unless I delete the cluster, I will be charged. So told them 

to delete all my files, email ids, credit card info etc, as I did not login to any cluser. 


Now, I don't want to try GoGrid third time, because, I will have to create an e-mail id to sign up, and then proceed, and then hope that 

things will work. 


Question is:

Is there any other (other than GoGrid) alternative to try CDH cluster? 


Thank you,




Re: Waiting on GoGrid? [My GoGrid experience.. not good...] [Any other alternative?]

New Contributor

Hi Prashant,


I gave up on the gogrid / Cloudera Live cluster - it simply doesn't work (this doesn't reflect well on Cloudera or gogrid, but nevermind).


What I did find that worked was to spin up 3-4 regular EC2 machines on AWS (Centos AMIs work best, avoid ubuntu/debian for this), downloaded Cloudera Manager 5 from here, and used that to install what I needed, including Impala 2 and parquet. It's not free of course, but it doesn't have to be that expensive for a short trial.




Re: Waiting on GoGrid?


I have had the exact same issues as many here with GoGrid and Cloudera Live evaluation


- Signed up for Cloudera Live evaluation on May 1 2015

- The promised second email hasn't arrived, even now

- Wrote to GoGrid support and they've suggested that I should check with Cloudera support regarding the second e-mail, getting started and tutorials.

- Managed to re-set my GoGrid account password. On login, I can see 4 machines deployed - One cloudera master and 3 agents.

- However, can't ping, http or ssh to any of the IPs listed there


Can anyone help?


Surely, this most be the most difficult way to evaluate Cloudera Live !! - I do hope someone at Cloudera is reading this.







Re: Waiting on GoGrid?

Master Collaborator

sjain - I believe we got this resolved, yes?


For anyone else reading this thread, if you do not get the second email there is actually nothing Cloudera can do because we do not have access to your account. What we can do is contact someone at GoGrid to make sure someone who does have access to your account and knows what to do reaches back out to you. So if you can't get the help you need, email (you will likely get a faster response than on the forum) and we'll contact GoGrid for you.

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