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Warning message when trying to insert data in Kudu table

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We have a Kudu installation with 3 tablet servers and when we made some upserts from one Kudu table updating another Kudu table. We are finding these warning in all three tablet servers:


W0824 18:46:04.618201  3240] Failed RPC negotiation. Trace:
0824 18:46:04.616009 (+     0us)] Submitting negotiation task for server connection from
0824 18:46:04.616278 (+   269us)] Beginning negotiation
0824 18:46:04.616279 (+     1us)] Waiting for connection header
0824 18:46:04.616289 (+    10us)] Connection header received
0824 18:46:04.616312 (+    23us)] Received NEGOTIATE NegotiatePB request
0824 18:46:04.616314 (+     2us)] Received NEGOTIATE request from client
0824 18:46:04.616326 (+    12us)] Sending NEGOTIATE NegotiatePB response
0824 18:46:04.616371 (+    45us)] Negotiated authn=TOKEN
0824 18:46:04.618115 (+  1744us)] Negotiation complete: Network error: Server connection negotiation failed: server connection from BlockingRecv error: Recv() got EOF from remote (error 108)
Metrics: {"negotiator.queue_time_us":224,"thread_start_us":183,"threads_started":1}





Could you let me your kudu and impala version ? 

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Impala Shell v2.8.0-cdh5.11.1


kudu 1.4.0-cdh5.12.0

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Those warnings are likely harmless. Is there any actual failure during the upserts?
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