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Web shell management


Web shell management

New Contributor

WEB SHELL CLIENT - is there a tutorial for web shell to see how manage files from local machine to shell and vice versa?

Also necessary instructions.


Re: Web shell management

Hi @fizadi


It isn't quite clear from the question you posted what web shell you are referring to.


Assuming that you are referring to the one that ships with the HDP Sandbox, yes there is a tutorial at the beginning of the Learning the Ropes of the HDP Sandbox tutorial (scroll down to the subheading Shell Web Client Method).


If that doesn't meet your needs, please do post a reply here with details of what you are looking for and perhaps other members of the community will be able to point you to something helpful.



Bill Brooks, Community Manager
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Re: Web shell management

New Contributor

Thanks for the tips, that is also needed. But Before we were using Putty to connect to root and then

there was FileZilla where our files were on the left side and double click they were moved to the right

which was the hadoop directory.  Now we can open hadoop without  using putty but no idea how move

the files from my computer to hadoop system 

Re: Web shell management

@fizadi  Here are some ways to get files to hdfs:


  1. From shell to hdfs:
    • su - hdfs
    • hdfs fs -copyFromLocal /local/path/file.ext /hdfs/path/
    • hdfs dfs -copyToLocal /hdfs/path/file.ext /local/path/
  2. Using HDFS Files View - there is an upload feature here
  3. Using HUE - Hue UI has an HDFS Plugin


Option #1 assumes the shell is within the cluster (master, worker, edge). 



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