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WebHDFS Error

WebHDFS Error



I'm using HDP 2.4. After enabling kerberos via ambari->admin->kerberos, All ambari services successfully started. But when i reach to FileView Tab, It shows "500 SIMPLE authentication is not enabled. Available:[TOKEN, KERBEROS]". I have attached webhdfs log webhdfs-logs.txt. Please tell me how to resolve this issue.



Re: WebHDFS Error

Super Collaborator
@Varun R

Error shows that files view is not set to authenticate with kerberos.

You must set "WebHDFS Authorization" in files view to "auth=KERBEROS;proxyuser=<proxyUser>"

have you followed below doc to modify files view?

Re: WebHDFS Error


Thanks for the response. I can able to find in FileView config settings.

Re: WebHDFS Error

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Login as admin user in Ambari. Go to Admin view from <admiUser>Manage Ambari > views>Files View


Here in files view setting you should see the "WebHDFS Authorization" settings set it to "auth=KERBEROS;proxyuser=<proxyUser>"

Make sure that you have correct proxyuser set in Ambari jaas config. You can verify this at command line:

-->Login to ambari server via ssh

#egrep "principal|keyTab" /etc/ambari-server/conf/krb5JAASLogin.conf

#kinit -kt <keyTabFromAbove output> <principal>

If this is successful then your proxyuser in Files view must be set as that of principal(excluding REALM name)

eg: you have principal as "ambari-server-hdp25@RAGHAV.COM" then your proxy user is "ambari-server-hdp25"

Re: WebHDFS Error



Thanks!!!. I have configured above you mentioned with proxyuser and auth values on HDFS File View. But still this issue not resolved. it doesn't any impact on HDFS File View. While i'm restarting HDFS, it shows "Error 401 Authentication required;Problem accessing /webhdfs/v1/tmp". At this same time I can able to view files from commandline using hdfs dfs -ls /

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