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Webhcat show database error missing operand

Webhcat show database error missing operand


hello guys,

so I was trying to connect hive metadata through webhcat. I started webhcat_server successfully.I first test the link:


It returns:


which is a success.Then I try


It gives me error

{"statement":"show databases like '*';","error":"unable to show databases for: *","exec":
"stderr":"which: no /opt/lib/hadoop/bin/hadoop in ((null))
dirname: missing operand
Try 'dirname --help' for more information.
/opt/lib/hadoop/bin/hadoop: line 26: /opt/lib/hive-hcatalog/sbin/../libexec/ No such file or directory
/opt/lib/hadoop/bin/hadoop: line 144: exec: : not found",

I did quite a research on Internet. some people run into the same problem but no one has an answer.

I can successfully start hcatalog server & webhcat server.

I notice that there is no under /hive-hcatalog/libexec...But should that be under /hadoop/libexec? Is there something wrong with script maybe?



Re: Webhcat show database error missing operand

New Contributor

can you solve the problem?

'cause I have the same issue