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What information Ambari database store?



I'm looking for information about what data is stored in Ambari database. Is my below understanding correct or is there more to it?

  • Configuration information - All the service level configuration information - essentially same config information as present under /etc/$SERVICE_COMPONENT/conf
  • Cluster topology - which defines the nodes part of the cluster, as well as host-service assignment.

Is there anything else that gets stored in Ambari database?

Also, in order to build a disaster recovery cluster, I think simply copying the Ambari DB doesn't help as host level information could be very different between the clusters. So, what is the recommended approach to get all Ambari level information replicated between the clusters?




Expert Contributor

Yes, Ambari stores all the information needed to managed the state and configuration of your cluster. Information concerning the Ambari users and the configuration of Ambari Views are two other items you will see. You can find the database DDLs on the Ambari server host in the /var/lib/ambari-server/resources directory. The table names in the schema are informatively named and if you do a quick grep on "CREATE TABLE" you can get a quick grasp on the type of data stored by Ambari.

You should look at Ambari blueprints,, for info on creating your DR cluster. Blueprints were created so you could more easily create a new cluster based on information from an existing cluster.