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What is the Data format or DataType or File format of healthcare data?


@Artem Ervits I am trying to analyse healthdata. But i dont have any prior knowledge about it. Would you please help me out providing some idea about : 1. What type of Data is to be collected from source? 2. I found Hl7 standras Data are used in healthcare. how can i get some sample Hl7 data? is it xml/Json embeded data or HL7 is different file format? I mean we know .txt, .xml or .json. in this case what r those? 3. what is ASC X12 data standars used for? 4. What kind of files (with what extensions of file type) should I collect from source? Please share your idea, knowledge and help me out.Thank you



Hello Marshal,

I am a beginner to Hadoop. I came across this word HL7 and found your post. Did you get any solution to the question you posted? If yes, please tell me where did you download the sample HL7 files and how did you handle them in Hadoop and in the hive?

Thank you.