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What is the best approach towards setting up production Process Groups

I have my first process group defined within NIFI. I have to do several things in order to productionize.

  1. I have to version control the implementation of the process group
  2. I have to define and document the process for deploying NIFI and for deploying versioned process groups managed by NIFI

My NIFI cluster will have multiple independent, individually versioned, process groups. I need to understand the proper way to setup my NIFI instance to support the instantiation of one or more executing process groups. Ultimately it will be important to minimize downtime on NIFI, and the process groups running within it.

Can someone please advise me relative to the best practices for bullets 1 and 2 above?



The best information I find is here:

It would seem that this is an old thread. I hope to find more progress on this important topic. Understanding how to productionize workflows properly is the kind of thing that will make or break NIFI as an option for us. Is there a proper way to deploy versioned workflows within NIFI? Where is this documented?

I've also found that NIFI supports the use of a NIFI registry:

This has built in ability to version control a process group. Ultimately we will likely need to export a versioned process group, and place this in a standard version control system such as GIT or SVN.

Does the NIFI-registry version control mechanism support connection to GIT or SVN?

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