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What is the concept of Tez?



I have an uncommen question: What is Tez in general? I've read a lot the last few days (including the offical paper and the several descriptions on the Hortonworks/Tez/... websites), and I don't get the point.
So far I have understood, that it's an improvement towards MR, because it's offering DAGs so that HDFS-writes can be avoided. It is also more an interface for tools like Pig and Hive and not for application-developers and you should better use Spark for DAG-related applications. Why exactly?!
And how is Tez working? How are the DAGs executed? I've read several times that it's more a task-executor than an engine. Facing this statement, I'm asking myself which executor is used? MR? There wasn't written anything to this fact. Additionally, in diagrams of Tez in cluster-architectures, there is Tez below MR, Spark and other engines. Or did I misunderstand this completely and there is an engine in the background of Tez?

Would be great if someone could bring light into the dark of my understandings.




Thanks for the info, really understood the reason for the problem I am facing from 2 days

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