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What is the litle square mean in metron installation on existed ambari managed cluster ?


I read this guide


in the little square that contain DN, NM, Kafka Broker ect. is it mean that node connect to that square or that square is inside that node.



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Hi @Bramantya Anggriawan, the little squares mean that those services are running on that node.

For example, Node 3 is running services - Data Node, Node Manager, Kafka Broker, Region Server, Supervisor and Timeline Server.

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@Bramantya Anggriawan

The document is giving an example of an existing cluster and the services installed on each of the nodes. The squares you are referring to in this case represent each service (DN = DataNode, NM = NodeManager, RS = ResourceManager etc.) that are installed on the Node.

For example Node 1 has the following services installed on it (NN, HS, RM, SN):

  • NameNode
  • History Server
  • Resource Manager
  • Secondary Namenode

Note that the diagram is just an example of Sandbox cluster (which is why several of the services are co-located).

Also note, the document refers to installing Metron via the ansible scripts. Metron can actually now be installed as a service via Ambari (a much simpler approach), I'd suggest you check out this article for more details: