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What is the proper AVRO schema for XML that uses namespaces


I have XML data that contains namespaces. I would like to use a ConvertRecord processor to convert this to JSON (eliminating message types I dont need)

<ds:tfmDataService xmlns:ds="the:ds:namespace"
      <fdm:fltdMessage param1="param1_val"                        
      <fdm:fltaMessage param1="param1_val"

I need to convert these messages from XML to JSON. There are messages of different types (fdm:fltdMessage is one type, fdm:fltaMessage might be another type) The contents of fltdMessage is more complex than depicted, however I'm trying to reduce this to the simplest terms that I can build on.

What would the AVRO spec look like for an XMLReader, if I wanted to convert the <fdm:fltdMessages> to JSON, but ignore the other types?



Do you got answer for this?? My question is also same 

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