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What is use of --meta-connect parameter in sqoop?



Metastore connection options:

Argument Description
--meta-connect <jdbc-uri> Specifies the JDBC connect string used to connect to the metastore

By default, a private metastore is instantiated in $HOME/.sqoop. If you have configured a hosted metastore with the sqoop-metastore tool, you can connect to it by specifying the --meta-connect argument. This is a JDBC connect string just like the ones used to connect to databases for import.

In conf/sqoop-site.xml, you can configure sqoop.metastore.client.autoconnect.url with this address, so you do not have to supply --meta-connect to use a remote metastore. This parameter can also be modified to move the private metastore to a location on your filesystem other than your home directory.

If you configure sqoop.metastore.client.enable.autoconnect with the value false, then you must explicitly supply --meta-connect.

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