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What's the best alternative of Falcon to mirror data in different cluster since Falcon is deprecated post HDP 2.6?


Since Falcon is deprecated in HDP 2.6 , what's the best alternative to mirror data in different cluster may be in cloud?


@Milind More

DataPlane Services / Data LifeCycle Manager:

DLM supports HDFS and Hive for now, but it will support soon HBase and Kafka. DLM is a successor of Falcon, but it goes beyond what Falcon was able to do.

It will also support auto-tiering, among others, so you can replicate subset of data from your on-prem to object stores like AWS S3.


Thanks Constantin. This helps. how can I enable DPS/DLM in HDP 2.6 sandbox?

@Milind More

It is no part of the sandbox.

Read more here:

Documentation and installation instructions:

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