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When I am opening Virtual box I am getting blank screen


I am not able to process anything, I have attached screen output with this issue please let me know how I can proceed, I think after this screen I should get IP Address. LInk of Image: 2017-10-30-2.png


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@Harish Kumar

How much RAM have you allocated to your Sandbox. 8GB RAM should be at least allocated to it. (little more will be also good to see if it starts up fine)

As per the NOTE from our doc:

Note: The Sandbox system requirements include that you have a 64 bit OS with at least 8 GB of RAM and enabled BIOS for virtualization. Find out about the newest features, known and resolved issues along with other updates on HDP 2.4 from the release notes. The Sandbox on Azure is under construction and will update to HDP2.5 soon..

Is it getting stuck on every restart of Sandbox?



I have *GB system and I am using this for learning Hadoop not for any business purpose, I think this below screen should comeup as I click on Start Hortonwork in VM ware:


Once you have installed the Sandbox VM, it resolves to the localhost on your environment, the address of which varies depending upon the Virtual Machine you are using(Vmware, VirtualBox etc). As, a general thumb rule, wait for the installation to complete and confirmation screen will tell you the localhost IP address your sandbox resolves to. For example:

In case of VirtualBox: IP would be

Host Address of Sandbox Environment

Note: In case of Azure, your host can be found under Public IP Address on the dashboard. For further clarification, check out our guide for Deploying Hortonworks Sandbox on Microsoft Azure.

If you are using a private cluster or a cloud to run sandbox. Please find the host your sandbox resolves to.

But above screen is not coming in my case, Guide me how I can proceed.



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