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When kerbros is enabled not able to connect to remote Filesystem with out keytab, always getting error saying "failure to login using ticket cache file"

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@peter jaink Whats the output of klist?

As soon as you have Keberos enabled, you need to have a valid Kerberos ticket before you can access the HDFS.

Check if you have a valid ticket:


Get a ticket (w/o keytab):

kinit myuser@MYREALM.COM

Get a ticket (with keytab):

kinit -kt <path to keytab> <keytab principal/user>@MYREALM.COM

If you are still getting a ticket cache error, try to destroy the old ticket (kdestroy) and remove the ticket cache file /tmp/krb5cc_<user id>

This might also be helpful:

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Hi jonas, thanks for answering my question, i did klist it shows me proper ticket , because i am able to run all the hadoop commands , but when i try to login through my code which is connecting remotely to hadoop filesystem using the same ticket , it is giving me this error.

here's the snippet I use to force a login fast:

  public static void forceLogin() throws IOException {
    if (UserGroupInformation.isSecurityEnabled()) {
      if (UserGroupInformation.isLoginKeytabBased()) {
      } else {

There's some options to turn up kerberos debug output —look in kerberos & hadoop: secrets


@peter jaink has this been resolved? Please accept best answer or provide your own solution.