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When will Kudu 1.3.0 parcel be available?

When will Kudu 1.3.0 parcel be available?




It's been sometime that Kudu 1.3.0 released, for which we were eagrly waiting as it has security features which will help to have Kudu in production with security implemented. 


I can understand that it would be difficult for you to give the exact date, but any timeline will certainly help us.


Can you please suggest, when can we expect the Kudu 1.3.0 parcel?


Thank you,



Re: When will Kudu 1.3.0 parcel be available?

Rising Star

Hi Amit,


Your understanding is correct, we can't share dates. For Kudu we work hard to pickup new upstream as fast as we can but in general our internal timelines cannot match every single open source project that Cloudera supports so there's always going to be a delay.


Hope this helps,