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Where can I see the tamplate values for Ambari (Ranger) configs?

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Trying to set up LDAP/AD integration for Ranger on Ambari, but after switching Sync Source to LDAP/AD, when looking at the Configs > Advanced > LDAP Settings tab in the Ambari UI, seeing template values and am not sure if they are actually correct or not. Eg. if the LADP url is correct or needs to be changed.


Is there any where to see what these templated values actually are?


Those values are defined in previous tab: Common Configs.   You need to make sure to follow documentation steps completely when configuring LDAP/AD integration for ranger.

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Config variables used are set in script for the service in Ambari stack definition. And these values can be referred to config from another service config or can be hardcoded to a value in 


For example, for Ranger all the references can be seen from the script on any ambari agent host. 


#grep -i configuration /var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/common-services/RANGER/0.4.0/package/scripts/  | grep usersync | grep ldap

ranger_usersync_ldap_ldapbindpassword = unicode(config["configurations"]["ranger-ugsync-site"]["ranger.usersync.ldap.ldapbindpassword"])
ranger_ug_ldap_url = config["configurations"]["ranger-ugsync-site"]["ranger.usersync.ldap.url"]
ranger_ug_ldap_bind_dn = config["configurations"]["ranger-ugsync-site"]["ranger.usersync.ldap.binddn"]
ranger_ug_ldap_user_searchfilter = config["configurations"]["ranger-ugsync-site"]["ranger.usersync.ldap.user.searchfilter"]
ranger_ug_ldap_group_searchbase = config["configurations"]["ranger-ugsync-site"][""]
ranger_ug_ldap_group_searchfilter = config["configurations"]["ranger-ugsync-site"][""]
[root@c316-node2 ambari-agent]#


Or refer the source code for this script from github/org/apache/ambari

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