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Where's the spark component in Hue ?

Where's the spark component in Hue ?

New Contributor

I look at the blog of using livy in hue

But I didn't found the spark component in hue, I am using CDH VM. Where can I find it ? Do I have to install CDH by CM to use spark ?


Re: Where's the spark component in Hue ?

The Spark component is not supported in CDH yet.

You could try to enable it with below, but it won't work out of the box,
cf. the other blog posts about how to configure it:

If the Spark app is not visible in the ‘Editor’ menu, you will need to
unblacklist it from the hue.ini

*Note:* To override a value in Cloudera Manager, you need to enter verbatim
each mini section from below into the Hue Safety Valve
Hue Service → Configuration → Service-Wide → Advanced → Hue Service
Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for hue_safety_valve.ini