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Which one is a reasonable way to get data from the device (Modbus, Siemens S7PLCs) with the NiFi?


Which one is a reasonable way to get data from the device (Modbus, Siemens S7PLCs) with the NiFi?


We are currently using NiFi as our orchestration engine for mobile applications. It runs our logic on the server instead of devices which greatly simplifies our operation.

For our new project, we need to get data from modbus devices and we need to process them (Like inserting data to SQL Server and sending an email if something important happened).

We are not sure if NiFi is suitable for that too. Because we couldn't find a modbus processor. And we thought that for such operations Minifi seems more reasonable in the community.

So our options are:

- We may try to use python modbus libraries in the ExecuteScript processor.

- We may try to develop a custom modbus processor.

- We can use our custom application which reads data from the device and Nifi can read the data from the SQL Server.

- We can use Node-Red. It is also a flow based tool and has ready-made components to get data from the device.

Most probably we try option 1 and then option 3 because our application is ready and we don't have much expertise in Java and Node-Red.

Is there anyone who process data from modbus devices with the NiFi in the community? What is the reasonable way to get the data from the device and process them with the NiFi?

PS: We also looking for a solution to process data from Siemens S7 PLCs.


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