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Which version of Kylin should I use with CDH 5.12.0 ?

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Hello everybody

I would like to use Kylin to design a POC for my company, which uses Cloudera 5.12.0, with the following components : Hadoop 2.6.0, Hive 1.10 and HBase 1.2.0.

However, on the Apache Kylin site, the section 'Hadoop environment' tells : Hadoop: 2.7+, •Hive: 0.13 - 1.2.1+, •HBase: 0.98 - 0.99, 1.1+, •JDK: 1.7+.

After having browed the Cloudera versions history, I can see that event the latest version (5.14) uses the same versions of Hadoop, HBase and Hive as I do.

Could you please guide me about the Kylin version to choose in my case ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,


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There is a binary Kylin 2.2 package for CDH.

5.7-5.10 has been verified, theoretically it works for 5.12. There should no API changes between the minor versions.


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