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Why HDP HBase cluster with two rs slower than one rs

New Contributor

I use hbase pe to test read

hbase pe --nomapred --oneCon=true --rows=1000 --compress=SNAPPY --autoFlush=true --presplit=10 randomRead 10

2 rs

2019-12-27 04:14:17,563 INFO  [main] hbase.PerformanceEvaluation: [RandomReadTest]  Min: 3091ms Max: 3183ms Avg: 3137ms



2019-12-25 07:28:15,026 INFO  [main] hbase.PerformanceEvaluation: [RandomReadTest]  Min: 2454ms Max: 2646ms Avg: 2518ms


Sth Strange:

I have two machine node1(hostname) is master node2 is slave

I find 2 rs in ambari UI

enter image description here

but only one rs in HBase Master UIenter image description here