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Why HTableInterface::getScanner takes long time

Why HTableInterface::getScanner takes long time

New Contributor

I am using version 0.94.2-cdh4.2.1 of HBase. My use case is that of a KV store where I put keys with values(key being the row key, values are put as column in single column family). I find that the getScanner method of HTableInterface takes a long time. I have hbase.regionserver.handler.count set as 250. The requests per second on the server can range from 500-2000 per second. Any suggestion what configuration of hbase needs to be tuned/modified to make the getScanner call faster?


HTableInterface table = hTablePoolManager.getTable(tableName);
    Scan scan = new Scan(Bytes.toBytes(key), Bytes.toBytes(key));

    for (String column : columns) {
        scan.addColumn(ColumnFamily.cf0.toString().getBytes(), column.getBytes());

    Result result = null;
    try {
        ResultScanner resultScanner = table.getScanner(scan);

Re: Why HTableInterface::getScanner takes long time

Master Guru
We've made several general improvements to scan perf. in CDH5. Please consider upgrading.

As to why your scanner fetches may be slow, there could be a variety of reasons. Is your RS RPC call queue almost always filling/spiking? Are your regions well compacted regularly, and have only a few store files?