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Why Solr service does not contain HDP (2.4.3 & 2.5.3) Stacks officially.


Is there anything issues if I installed it manually on ambari after added solr service in HDP 2.4.3 or 2.5.3 Stack?


Hi @Peter Kim,

SOLR is officially supported on HDP 2.4.x and HDP 2.5.x See the docs on how to install the MPack:

Installing it via this Mpack shouldn't give any issues.


No, you are wrong. Solr service has a problem when it's installing in NameNode HA.


SolrCore Initialization Failures.

And failed collection1(core_node1 & 2) in HDFS.

Cause : Solr service cannot connect NameNode HA Service.

I just fixed this issue after delete solr service and edit and then re-installed normally.

Hi @Peter Kim . Thx for the correction.